Artist's Statement

My Art is just one of many forms of self-expression, but perhaps it is the truest of them all.  For in it, through it and out of it flows my very essence.  It is pure, vibrant, reflective and infinitely healing.  From my brush pours every thought and feeling that I have ever had and from my pen I often further define these expressions.  Painting was the first time that I challenged fear and it felt non-existent.  There was no right or wrong, no judgement, no mistakes or regret.  I found only amazement, freedom and I can also clearly remember that first painting that set me free so many years ago.  It was unselfishly nurtured and born out of an act of sharing, which I now know is a Principle of Love.  I enjoyed learning how to paint, but more importantly, I have enjoyed learning how to better see and understand the Light that is all around us.  I was 10 years old and perhaps that is why I seen it.  At the time, I desperately needed a doorway to a peaceful place, and that is exactly where I go without fail, every time I paint.  This place became my sanctuary, my world within a troubled world.  Safe, secure, free from fear and limitations it became my home.  As a young child I needed a place like that and through my art I found it.  Mesmerized and in awe since that first day, I have never stopped nor has the Gift I was given ever left me.  My art, much like the passing of time, has been the only true constant in my life.  Now as an adult, there are times I need this more than ever.  It is a quiet place to relax and unwind that is solely mine.  That once small world has now become a Universe. A Universe where only God has the spare key, and by its very nature others can come in only if I let them.  These are the People who become my Art.  My joys, my tears, my hopes and dreams, my canvas sees them all.  It is a record of my life's experiences.  A life-long personal journal that through the use coloured pigment, my thoughts and feelings are creatively brought to life and thus honored.  That young boy, now a man, still paints about everything and like the tear that gently rolls down my face, dries and then is gone, so is my art.  For I have unselfishly learned that it was never meant to stay in my world in the first place.  In keeping with the principle behind its birth, I now share it with you.  May the gift that lays within its origins continue to heal and provide you with everything that it has provided me. 


Fine Aboriginal Art & Reproductions

Arnold James Laford 

Ojibway Artist, Instructor & Designer.


Born in Orillia, Ontario and a Status Indian Band Member of the Chippewas of Mnjikaning (Rama Reserve) First Nation, Laford is renowned for creating fresh & vibrant images that capture the essence of his subjects. From original works of Native Art to painted Hand-Drums, Workshop & Presentation Services, Laford captivates his audience.  A talented professional designer, Laford has over 35 years of experience in the Arts and related Industries.

My Work

Whether you're looking for a unique original gift or are a seasoned private art collector, my inventory and personal collection is extensive and ready to meet your needs. Fresh and exciting Art Workshop services are available on a contract basis as are Web & Design services. 

Native Art Workshop & Presentations engage students using a variety of delivery mediums and compliment current School Board curriculum for Aboriginal Studies. 

An accomplished Muralist, Laford is a highly sought after custom mural Designer. Private Commission requests are always welcomed.  Laford also welcomes enquiries from Non-Profit Community Organizations for voluntary professional services and Art donations.


I approach all projects with freshness, a clean palette and an open-minded perspective that takes into account not only your individual needs and unique tastes, but those still yet to come. My style, skills and techniques are broad, flexible, premonitory and effective. Based-on and refined through decades of hands-on experience and training, I purposely approach all of my projects with the unbridled imagination of youthful freedom coupled with invaluable learned experiences from self, peers and trained professionals.


"Thank you for the benefit of your experience, talent and for sharing your beautiful art with us". -- Cecilia Di Felice, Ottawa Catholic School Board (regarding a recent Woodland Art Workshop).

"Mr. Laford has a gift. It truly is that simple, I can say no more". -- Dr. Bernard Cinader, University of Toronto.

"I have watched people time and again unexpectedly stop and look in awe at your work through my gallery window for minutes before they realize what their doing and come in for a closer look".  -- Armen Hartoonian,  Armen Art Gallery, Toronto.

"Your unselfish efforts and donations have helped us to raise over $180,000.00 at this years For the Kid's, Charity Art Auction". -- Patricia Shapiro, Director of Fundraising, Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre Foundation, Ottawa

"Dear Mr. Laford, I am writing to request an interview with you for Creative Block, the award-winning entertainment program that airs on CBC Television's digital channel, BOLD TV. We would like to produce an episode profiling your work as an artist" -- Rosanna Haroutounian, CBC Ottawa. is owned, managed and maintained by Arnold James Laford, Owner, Fine Aboriginal Art & Reproductions (Ottawa) Ltd. Unauthorized use of any content without consent is unlawful. Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.